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  • July 26 2022

    Client Alert: New York Ramps Up Enforcement of Wage and Harassment Claims

    New York employers beware: Governor Hochul has announced that the State will be making it a lot easier for employees to lodge complaints regarding wage violations and workplace sexual harassment and will be ramping up enforcement, including potential criminal penalties.

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  • May 16 2022

    Client Alert: NYC Salary Information Disclosure Law Postponed

    Per our previous Client Alert, New York City was set to require most employers advertising for jobs that will be performed in New York City to include certain salary or wage information in the job listing as of May 15, 2022 (“Salary Information Law”).  However, the Salary Information Law has now been amended, and employers need not include salary/wage information in job listings until November 1, 2022.

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  • April 27 2022

    Client Alert: New Notice & Posting Requirement For NY Employers That Monitor Employees’ Electronic Communications

    Effective May 7, 2022, employers in New York that monitor or otherwise intercept employees’ telephone conversations, electronic mail (email), or internet access or usage by any electronic device or system, including but not limited to the use of a computer, telephone, wire, radio or electromagnetic, photoelectronic or photo-optical systems (“Electronic Monitoring”), will be subject to new notice and posting requirements.

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  • April 18 2022

    Client Alert: NYC to Require Disclosure of Compensation Information in Job Listings

    Effective May 15, 2022, most employers seeking applicants for jobs that will be performed in New York City, whether from an office, in the field or remotely, must include certain compensation information in the job listing.

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  • April 18 2022

    Ilan Weiser and Nicole Vescova wrote an article for Total Food Service titled:  “New York City Passes Legislation Providing Delivery App Workers With Legal Protection and Additional Rights.”

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  • April 07 2022

    Client Alert – Call To Action: The SWEAT Act Is Again On The Table

    Last week, the NYS Assembly passed the Securing Wages Enforced Against Theft (“SWEAT”) Act, which provides plaintiffs’ attorneys the ability to secure a lien for the value of an employee’s wage claim, including liquidated damages, based solely on mere allegations of a wage violation. If passed, the law would allow for business and personal liens against owners, the top ten investors, and even managers.

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  • March 23 2022

    Crypto-Focused SPAC Companies Are Outperforming Their Peers

    Going public through a blank-check company is a bet that seems to have paid off only for crypto companies so far this year.  Monex Group’s Coincheck Inc. was the latest to agree to a reverse-merger with a special purpose acquisition company, making it the 10th crypto firm to announce such a deal since last year. Others, including stablecoin operator Circle and mining companies BitFuFu and Bitdeer are still eyeing a U.S. listing this year.

  • March 22 2022

    Fashion Designer Lanvin Group Plans U.S. Listing Via SPAC

    Lanvin Group, which owns the French fashion brand known for its red-carpet gowns, plans to float in New York via a blank-check company in a sign of confidence for the luxury industry.  The transaction is set to give the company an enterprise value of $1.5 billion. Lanvin’s owners, which include Chinese investor Fosun, are hoping to raise $544 million, which will help fund expansion and could help finance at least one acquisition within the next three years, Chief Executive Officer Joann Cheng said in an interview.

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