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As industry leaders, we curate current and relevant articles on specific topics that have appeared in various newspapers, magazines and online journals. These materials are available to you through each of the topics highlighted below.

Experience Counts in PIPE Transactions

Since 2002, EGS has been consistently recognized as one of the most active law firms in the U.S., with experience from small “retail” raises to highly complex several hundred million dollar financings from institutional investors. We were ranked top #1 for placement agent representation in PIPE transactions (by number of transactions) since 2012 among all U.S. law firms We represent both issuers, broker-dealers and institutional investors.

A registered direct offering or (RD) is a registered offering marketed to a limited number of institutional investors. As a result, no subsequent registration of the securities issued in the offering is required, and the issuer typically receives better pricing than a private placement as a consequence.  RDs have become the standard way to raise equity capital for all exchange-listed companies, using their shelf registrations.

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PIPEs Memorandum

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