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Given the activity level of our attorneys, we are confident in showcasing the various matters that our clients have given us the privilege to work on and approved to post here.


  • June 17 2024

    Steven Nevolis, a member of the Firm, wrote an article for Total Food Service titled: “Crashing the Party: OSHA’s Final “Walkaround Rule” Provides Unprecedented Access to Private Worksites.”

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  • June 14 2024

    SoundHound AI, Inc. (Nasdaq: SOUN), a global leader in voice artificial intelligence, announced the acquisition of key assets from Allset, an online ordering platform that connects restaurants and local customers. As part of the acquisition, Allset’s team will be joining SoundHound, further strengthening the company’s capabilities and commitment to innovation.  The closing of the acquisition will bring additional restaurant relationships, engineering skills, and marketplace know-how to SoundHound AI as it builds towards its vision of a voice commerce ecosystem that enables consumers to access goods and services through natural conversation. This includes plans to facilitate voice-enabled food and drink ordering across millions of cars, TVs, and smart devices.  EGS acted as counsel to SoundHound AI, Inc..

  • June 14 2024

    Client Alert: California’s Workplace Violence Prevention Plan

    Beginning July 1, 2024, covered California employers must establish, implement, and maintain a written Workplace Violence Prevention Plan (“WVPP”) either as part of their Injury and Illness Prevention Plan, or maintained as a separate document.

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  • June 12 2024

    Centurion Acquisition Corp. announced the closing of its initial public offering in the amount of $287,500,000.  EGS acted as counsel to the underwriter.

  • June 11 2024

    Robert L. Sacks, a member of the Firm, and the Association of Independent Commercial Producer’s longtime legal counsel, received the prestigious Jay B. Eisenstat Award during the AICP Awards gala held at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York on June 6, 2024. This award recognizes his expertise, guidance, and leadership in the commercial production and post-production industry. It’s wonderful to see his contributions acknowledged after representing AICP for 50 years! Congratulations Bob!

  • June 11 2024

    Chenghe Acquisition II Co. announced the closing of its initial public offering in the amount of $86,250,000.  EGS acted as counsel to the underwriter.

  • June 07 2024

    Client Alert: Upcoming New York Primary Election Imposes Obligations on Employers

    With New York’s upcoming primary election on June 25, 2024 (“Election Day”), employers face obligations regarding employee voting rights. Employers must post the New York Time Off to Vote Notice (“Notice”), which can be found here, by no later than June 15, 2024. The Notice should be posted in a location where it can be seen as employees come or go in the workplace.

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  • June 06 2024

    Client Alert – Reminder: NYC Workers’ Bill of Rights Notice Must Be Distributed to Employees Beginning July 1, 2024

    As previously reported in January and March, New York City employers will soon need to post and distribute to their employees a “Know Your Rights at Work” notice. As the July 1, 2024 deadline is fast approaching, New York City employers should take steps to ensure that they are prepared to timely post and distribute the Notice. Failure to do so may expose employers to costly fines.

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